Commission Selection Panel

Message from the Cleveland Community Police Commission Selection Panel

Dear Members of the Cleveland Community,

We were honored to serve our great city, as members of the Cleveland Community Police Commission Selection Panel. We approached the task of selecting 10 of the 13 members of the Cleveland Community Police Commission with great pride, diligence and seriousness. Our efforts were mirrored by the broad participation of the Cleveland community. We thank you for your trust, engagement and encouragement over the last 60 days.

This was no easy task. We were overwhelmed by the quantity of outstanding candidates. The number of applications received speaks volumes to Cleveland's high level of civic engagement. The quality of those applications speak to the high standards and depth of talent within our community. For this we should all be proud.

We have great confidence in the people who have stepped forth to serve. They are dedicated to advocating for the rights and desires of the community. They are a truly dynamic group of individuals, fully capable of championing our varied voices. We are confident they will meet our community's expectations of transparency and accountability.

We all know this is the beginning of a multi-year process. The Cleveland Community Police Commission is one component of the vision of reform. There are many opportunities for engagement outlined in the Settlement Agreement. We encourage you to seek out every avenue of participation. Your sustained involvement will be determinant of our collective success.

We learned many lessons through this selection process. Chief among them is the strength of our community rests in our diversity of talent, perspectives, and experiences. And although our challenges are not unique, if we embrace our core assets and move forward as a single united community, our achievement will be a model for others to follow.

The Cleveland Community Police Commission Selection Panel

Eugenia Cash - Chair, Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services Board of Cuyahoga County
Gabriella Celeste - Policy Director, Case Western Reserve University Schubert Center for Child Studies
Rev. Dr. Jawanza Colvin - Pastor, Olivet Institutional Baptist Church
Colleen Cotter, Co-Chair - Executive Director, Legal Aid Society
Anita Gray - Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League
Phyllis Harris - Executive Director, LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland
Dr. Alex Johnson, Co-Chair - President, Cuyahoga Community College
Ronn Richard - President and CEO, The Cleveland Foundation
Victor Ruiz - Executive Director, Esperanza
Tim Tramble - Executive Director, Burten, Bell, Carr Development Corporation